You probably know how important it is for your business to be on social media. But like many business owners you face big challenges with using these platforms to get your message out. After all, just running your business is enough work to keep your staff busy. How can you write interesting content for social media, post it throughout the day, and also keep up with the barrage of comments and private messages that follow?

The solution is Desert Mountain Digital’s social media management team. Our skilled writers and content makers will custom build content for your business, and post it throughout the week. This saves you countless time, but more importantly it keeps your business top-of-mind with your loyal customers.

Social Notes

  • 86% of B2B social content is outsourced content creation
  • 30% of that B2B distribution is outsourced
  • 91% of followers will visit the brand’s website
  • 89% of followers buy from the brand
  • 85% of followers recommend the brand to family
  • 57% of consumers follow brands to learn about new products

Being Top-Of-Mind

In The Vacuum Of Social Media

How to Create Great Content

It’s true that social media is over-saturated with content. And it’s also true that the social networks will hide your content from your own fans if their algorithms determine that the quality of your posts is low. The key to keeping above the noise, and getting into your fans’ newsfeeds is to create engaging content.
Our process starts with determining your goals each month. Once we know what your business goals are we move forward with creating messages around each of those goals. In general our social media considers a few key pillars:

Content has to be relevant to your business. People follow you because they care about your products or service, and want to learn more about them. Studies show that 45% of people who unfollowed a company did so because they found that the content was not relevant. The moral of the story? Don’t post stuff that is not relevant.

This is the gold medal of the social media race. You want people to see your content and then engage with it. Clicking that like button, writing a comment, or maybe even sharing your post with their friends. Engagement is also the key indicator for the social algorithm that your content should be included in timelines.

Everything comes down to proper timing. You want your content to appear when it’s most likely to resonate with your audience. Posting about breakfast at 5pm generally isn’t a great idea. Getting the timing of your content right is something that you should always be thinking about.

Match the demeanor of your posts to your audience and your message. Keeping your posts professional and business-like is normally a good strategy, but what if your brand celebrates the quirky? The tone of your posts should match the tone of your business, and be what your customers expect.

How We Help

From Building Your Plan To Running It

Whether you’re just starting out with social media or looking to tighten up your social plan, the first step is to align your audience-goals with the social media landscape. We hear from lots of businesses that think they need to be on every social network. But the truth is that some social networks are simply a poor fit for your business. Being present everywhere not only drains your budgetary resources now, but also puts you into a rough spot down the road when you might have forgotten about the dozen social media profiles that you stopped posting to years ago. You don’t want a bunch of dead profiles making it look like you went out of business years go.

Start with some basic questions about your business goals. What age group do you want to reach? What attitude should people have when they find your content? Do you want people to be able to buy your product or schedule your service immediately? Are you just trying to stay top of mind? Figuring out these answers will put you closer to determining which platforms you belong on.

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