Advertising through long form video content is no longer limited to the traditional relm of broadcast and cable television. With the ever growing popularity of online streaming–thanks to original content being produced by these companies–viewers are switching to streaming in droves. Streaming subscribers is set to overtake cable by 2024. But even now 6 out of 10 consumers prefer streaming over linear TV.

Streaming content is known to advertisers as OTT (Over The Top) because it reaches people on all devices. While traditional TV was restricted to just a few rooms in the home, OTT can be enjoyed from anywhere. How is OTT content delivered? That is where CTV comes in. Connected TVs are connected to the internet. This can be done by the addition of a streaming box, streaming stick, gaming console, DVR, internet connected Blu-Ray player, or simply with a smart TV that has built in connectivity.

While other types of devices can stream OTT content (such as smart phones and tablets), only large screens fall into the category of CTV.

OTT/CTV Numbers

  • 68 million US homes use OTT streaming
  • 31 million US homes switched from cable
  • 51% of US adults use at least one OTT service
  • OTT users stream for 2+ hours per day
  • OTT advertising exceeds $8 billion per year

We Can Reach Any CTV Device

Pinpoint Targeting

We Put Your Ads In Front Of Your Ideal Customer

Leveraging Data

Once upon a time reaching the right audience with TV meant buying into generic time slots and demographic oriented programming. While this worked to an extent, advertisers had to accept a certain amount of irreverent viewers. This completely changes with OTT. No longer do we place ads alongside specific shows, instead we use data to place your ads in front of the ideal viewer regardless of what they are watching. We use hundreds of first party datapoints to determine exactly who should see your ad, and then we place your message in front of them. This allows us to achieve near 100% coverage of the types of consumers you want to reach with no wasted budget.

If you already have a list of customers that you need to reach then we can use that data to place OTT ads directly in front of those people. This is the perfect way to bring back old customers or reward your loyal patrons with special messaging. We use highly accurate GPS data instead of iffy IP addresses to ensure hyper accuracy.

We have hundreds of unstructured data points available from which to create perfect combinations. Want to reach people who fit multiple categories such as homeowner status and income level? We build custom categories specifically for your business to reach your ideal customer profile!

We have hundreds of first party data. So while you might already be reaching people based on age and gender, we can do so much more. We have complete data on martial status, income, education, parental status, homeownership and more!

Only want to reach long or short form content? No problem! We can specifically target long form content such as movies and TV shows. This gives you more power if you’re trying to reach people while they are in a specific mood.

When we show your ad we also link all household devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and CTV devices. This allows us to execute true omni-channel marketing efforts instead of merely running your ad on multiple platforms. By building upon our effort of reaching an individual through multiple mediums we drastically increase the possibility of you getting a sale.

We don’t only count clickthroughs but physical store visits! We are able to attribute online and offline conversions because of our ability to cross-link devices. So even if someone watches your ad while at home, we can track them via their phone.

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