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Desert Mountain Digital provides Montana businesses with the critical online marketing services needed to compete in the marketplace. Our total suite of digital solutions give you complete control over your brand in the online space, and our local staff support you every step of the way.

Display Advertising

What Are Display Ads?

  • Banner ads: As one of the most common and oldest forms of digital advertising, banner ads appear at the top, bottom, or sides of a webpage in a banner format, typically reaching from one side of the screen to the other. Strong banner ads include clear branding or logos, high-quality visuals, and relevant keywords to grab the attention of the viewer.
  • Interactive ads: These ads include elements like video, audio, buttons, and other clickable items. Typically, interactive ads have higher performance rates and can even increase brand recall. They range from animated visual ads to playable game formats or surveys.

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Display Advertising Statistics

  • $240 billion will be spent on digital ads this year
  • 60% of consumers click an ad at least once a week
  • 2/3 of consumers can name a brand that they have seen advertised online in the last week

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Looking to increase your brand awareness and get more clicks through to your website? Display advertising may be the perfect solution for you! At Desert Mountain Digital, we can provide you with large amounts of impressions on all devices, so you can reach as many potential customers as possible. And our team of experts can help you increase your click through rate so you see the best possible return on your investment. Plus, our brand awareness services will help you increase the recognition of your company and products. Contact us today to learn more about our display advertising services!


Our Company provides detailed analytics so you can track the success of your campaign and make consistent improvements to your future campaigns.


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